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"Endoscope docking technology" cleverly solves complete esophageal obstruction

Complete esophageal obstruction (CEO) is common in patients after radiotherapy, corrosive burns, or esophageal surgery. Surgical treatment has a high mortality rate. It has been reported in the literature that the "anterograde-retrograde endoscopic technique" may be effective in treating complicated esophageal stricture...

Reshuffle of medical device clinical trial inspection: 51 companies withdrew, 4 companies were exposed to fraud

A few days ago, the CFDA official website announced the "Announcement on the withdrawal of 101 medical device registration applications by 51 companies (2016 No. 146)". The announcement showed that since the CFDA issued the "Regarding the Supervision of Medical Device Clinical Trials" on June 8, 2016 After the Announcement of Spot Check Work...

National Food and Drug Administration: 86 medical device standards have changed

On May 19, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Projects of the 2020 Medical Device Industry Standards Establishment and Revision Plan", and many industry standards have changed.
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