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Tube type tissue sampling forceps for disposable endoscope

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Tube type tissue sampling forceps for disposable endoscope

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It is used for removing the chemical tract/respiratory tract tissue samples with the forceps under the endoscope.

1. The biopsy forceps head is made of medical stainless steel, the surface of the forceps head is smooth, and the forceps channel holes are not damaged.
2. The sharpness of the cutting edge is processed to make sampling easier.
3. Rigid four-bar linkage structure, accurate pointing.
4. The gap between the cup openings of the clamp head is less than 0.03mm, the bite force is large, and the anastomosis is good.
5. Using laser welding, the link is reliable.
6. The product has been sterilized and there is no need to sterilize it before use.


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